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TheUpStreamLife is your path to Editorial and not Advertorial

As a founder you want conversations that capture your visions and the journey in hand. These conversations must influence your stakeholders consistently.

Unfortunately, in the era of social media content, these conversations are focused on a RoI (Return on Investment). 

Your idea or vision is compressed to an RoI. In the process your thoughts are diluted to likes and views. 


This results in messaging which is inconsistent for your stakeholders


TheUpStreamLife believes it can do better. Our editorial documentaries will enable organisations to capture stories that reinforce beliefs of every stakeholder in the organisation.

For us story telling matters and we pride ourselves in scripting these journeys for founders and large corporations. 


While your social media and marketing form of content is important for your sales and brand recall, we at theUpStreamLife believe in capturing the intellectual foundations of the organisation before anything else. 


Let your conversations flow with at theUpStreamLife's Editorial

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