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A beautiful life: why pets deserve this & how Mohit Lalvani is building Captain Zack

There are three crore dogs in India and there is no date on them, caring for them has been random, but with Captain Zack the science becomes the basis for pets to live better.

Mohit Lalvani was a businessman for thirty years in the life sciences and Pharma industry before he took the plunge to making pet care accountable in India in 2015.

He is the foremost authority on dogs and cats. He is using the science of grooming to enable pet parents to understand why keeping pet coats clean enables them to live healthier.

In this podcast he discusses his life with our furry friends.

The brand Captain Zack was born thanks to the personality of his dog, the Labrador Retriever called Zack. At Captain Zack the founder has ensured that they don’t use plastic chemicals in their products. Zack represents a coolness with pets and the entire design represents a brand that helps parents celebrate pets.

(Enjoy the entire podcast for more insight in to brand Captain Zack)

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