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  • Vishal Krishna

Alternate lending powered by technology can make SMBs prosper in India: the story of KredX

In this episode you will find out how KredX allows SMBs to access quick working capital by discounting invoices. You will also find it interesting to note how technology can scale alternate modes of financing for SMBs. Listen to the vision of founder Manish Kumar and the CTO of KredX, Devang Mundhra Mundhra in making KredX future proof for Indian SMBs.

00:00 - Introductions

01:41 - What is KredX solving?

08:22 - The opportunity for KredX to reimagine the business of SMEs.

13:40 - What needs to be different in financing SMEs and the network effect of the business.

23:23 - The platform and how it integrates with SMEs.

28:32 - The tipping point for Indian SMEs.

31:33 - The business of stacks and integrating with the government

38:50 - Bank is not required, banking is.....

40:51 - The technology beyond words like AI and ML.

45:00 - Preempting failures in SMEs with the platform.

48:40 - Books and Inspirations.

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