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  • Vishal Krishna

Bad air quality to hinder sport & economy: Ambee's mission to change this with climate intelligence

In this video with you will discover why Air Quality is as important as any leading economic indicator. While India dreams to get to ten trillion dollars GDP, it has to fix its air quality to make its citizens prosper. Economic growth and a clean environment go side by side. Here is what Madhusudan Anand, the co-founder of Ambee shows us and tell us about the future in India with good air quality.

00:00 - Introduction

02:56 - What does Ambee do?

05:48 - Ambee's climate intelligence platform

09:45 - Why India won't produce world class athlete's because of bad air quality?

22:30 - What is causing air pollution in India?

24:50 - The loss to GDP because of bad air quality.

28:20 - Who uses Ambee's data and why?

34:26 - NASA and Ambee, why this partnership is important for the world

42:50 - Pain of being an entrepreneur

47:40 - Personal experiences that led to the founding of Ambee.

50:00 - Books and Guide to happiness beyond the hustle culture of the age

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