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  • Vishal Krishna

Being a GP, being agnostic and funding India-first problems: Rohit Krishna & WEH Ventures

In this episode you will capture the journey of a young fund, WEH Ventures, whose second fund is Rs 100 crore in size. The fund has supported 12 startups that have raised up-rounds. Rohit Krishna, its General Partner, explains how the fund is well poised to support India's next phase of growth in consumer and B2B industries.

00:00 - Introduction

01:45 - The last three years of the startup ecosystem in India.

05:06 - The early stage of WEH Ventures & breaking through.

08:05 - The India story rising.

10:56 - Product market fit and market segmentation.

16:14 - Industries that the fund is looking at.

24:03 - India will have many more successful businesses than Unicorns.

30:10 - Analyzing the growth of the first fund.

34:20 - Learning from startups that did not take-off.

42:30 - Guide to happiness.

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