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Bridging ERP data in industry, why India needs a network to solve outstanding payments

In this episode of we talk with Ritesh Agarwal the founder of Invoyz, a platform for seamless exchange of data across ERPs. Ritesh talks about how the SMB and Corporate ecosystem can benefit from invoices being recorded real time. His larger vision is to ensure all that the ecosystem benefits with settlement of outstanding payments in the most transparent manner.

00:00 - Introduction

01:25 - What is Invoyz?

05:17 - Open Network for Digital Commerce, its impact & why it has to solve the problem of invoices not being paid on time.

14:25 - invoicing beyond anchor customers and how to protect sellers and buyers.

20:30 - Is UPI going global, will Indian technologies go global?

25:20 - The early fintech experiences in 2014, wallets and payments.

34:20 - Why one must read policy and technical information to stay ahead.

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