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Building a business whose product is great for your baby's skin & sustainable for the environment

The first diaper ever made is in a landfill somewhere and it will take it five hundred years for it decompose. This is how Pallavi Utagi, founder of Super Bottoms, begins her conversation with She believes that current diapers should give way to reuseable sustainable material. Her story is nothing short of wonderful.

How did your choose the fabric for the resuseable diaper?

I tried bamboo cotton and multiple fabrics. In the end we chose a fabric that was durable, absorbent and not bulky. The shape and size that fit the baby was very important. The math is like this. There are 3 crore babies born every year in India. About 25 to 40 lakhs are in SEC-A & B category. There are people like us who love the environment. But, most parents come to use because the sustainable disaper is good on the baby's skin.

I was a mother who managed the job, the business and cared for the baby. At the time, in 2016, a lot of parents would call me and tell me about their problems of caring for babies. I just realised these women were all on a break and I reached out to these women to help me build the business. It was a team of five or six women which came together to help me build the business for two years. The core team is still around. I remember they would work for a couple of hours, six years ago, now they are part of the larger business that we built.

(Enjoy the entire episode for more insights from Pallavi Utagi)

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