Building a food brand from an ancient legacy, the Adukale story

Adukale, which means kitchen in the Sankethi dialect, is also a brand of repute in Bengaluru. Over the last six years the food brand, which serves ready-to-eat savouries, mixes and chutney powders has gone from a kitchen story, in 2009, is now a growing direct to consumer business. Bharat Kaushik, the Director and the second generation promoter of the company believes that his brand can go national because of growing consumption in India and the ability of the brand to communicate its rich legacy and taste with high quality products.

Bharat caught up with Here are the excerpts of the interview:

What does Adukale mean?

Adukale means kitchen and my community has influences from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. I must tell you that our influences bring you the best of what South India has to offer. Historically we are known for food and music. The company believes that relationships are built with food and that’s what we bring to our customers.

How did you take your grandmother’s recipe and build this brand?

For me it is about saving an identity. I came in to the picture three years ago, which meant I took over when my family had already created a platform. My grandmother’s recipes were based on sight and smell, it was never about appropriate weights and measures. It was the passion that started it all. The growth in moving to a professional set up happened when we realised that there were so many customers who wanted our products. We were forced to go from the kitchen to a small factory and to a larger factory with machines. This was our ten-year journey, my dad worked in an FMCG company before building Adukale and I was a consultant. The entire family has made sacrifices to build this business. The potential of the brand now is it is ready to go national, we have two stores in Bengaluru and we have very strong e-commerce presence with our own website making up bulk of the sales.

Why did you come back from the USA to build Adukale, where do you want to take this brand forward?

For us as a community, the kitchen is a very sacred place. We treat all commodities with a lot of sanctity and we believe that the final product should be top quality and people should like what we serve. Customer feedback makes us go back and make things work. All batches of our product leave the factory only after our consent and we are obsessed with quality to the core. Think about the opportunity in India, I came back to run this because I believe food is a great space to be in, people love brands that are rooted in legacy.

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