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Building an electric super bike from a small garage to a mega factory, how Ultraviolette built F77

This bike was six years in the making. Back then it was not called the F77. Now, just a few months ahead of its launch, both Narayan and Niraj, are eager to ensure that the finer details of the product are about set and right before the big day of the launch happens. They caught up with to explain what makes this bike fly. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Why build this product?

We want to build something sustainable, it's not just one product. The two is us always knew we would be building something complex, but, aspirational for the user. Clearly the idea is also

wanted to put India on the world map of mobility. The name Ultraviolette is pronounced the

same way in multiple languages. When the name was chosen it had to be something that would

resonate even thirty years later.

(Watch the entire interview for more insights. Wear ear phones for optimal audio quality)

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