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Building two unicorns: Gupshup & the art of Beerud Sheth's leadership

Gupshup is the latest in the line of companies to grab media headlines as a Unicorn. But, for Beerud Sheth building companies is not about the titles, conferred by the media, as much as making them standout for the impact made by technology. He adds that "technology is a means to an end"

Having started Elance, which later became Upwork and it had a successful IPO, in the USA, Beerud was the first, of a few, in the late nineties, to look at the gig economy as a the future. At Gupshup, over the last 17-years, Beerud and team have helped brands make conversational messaging a reality.

Gupshup has helped brands serve customers better by having two way conversations rather than have one dimensional and unintelligent one way communication with messages. Today the company has 40000 brands using its platform. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

How did the startup journey begin for you?

Beerud: Business is always about solving real world problems. When I started out in Wall Street it was always about high level analytics and modeling of fixed income bonds and mortgages. I had to program algorithmic models and so on. There I learned about trading, negotiating and pricing in the real world. When the internet happened I was rearing to start something and that's when Elance started. This was an early bet on the gig economy. When you build companies ideas are not in a vaccum. They are based in the context of your background and expertise.

(To get to know Beerud and Gupshup enjoy the entire podcast)

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