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Clueless at 30: the semi-autobiography of Shalini Prakash

Shalini Prakash was a national badminton champion before she went on to become an engineer, a investor, a startup founder and author. In this podcast explores the complex relationships with our surroundings and the behaviour traits that follow. Expectations begin very early in a high performing individual and yet it takes a certain something to step back and say one is "Clueless at 30".

Shalini is included in the ‘40 under 40—India Alternate Investment Professionals in India’ list and is recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice for her thought leadership in the start-ups and VC industry.

An engineering graduate from RVCE Bangalore, she also holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA degree from the Liverpool Business School.

Why write the book now?

It has been adventurous two years and taking time off to writing this book. I want to explore how identity is shaped. In your early twenties everyone is so energetic to do something. One forgets that they are financially independent today and by the time they are thirty they have a quarter life crisis. This is what I am exploring in the book..

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