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Credit, entrepreneurship and alternative capital: the story of Vivriti Capital's Vineet Sukumar

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

In this episode with you will discover how Vineet Sukumar built Vivriti Capital and is going after SMEs across India. You will also hear about Vivriti Capital's work with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

00:00 - Introduction to Vivriti Capital

01:27 - Vineet Sukumar talks about his journey.

03:57 - Founding of Vivriti Capital

08:14 - Going after SME lending

11:55 - Raising money over the years for lending

15:10 - Going after Nano Entrepreneurs

24:40 - The segment of nano entrepreneurs discovering new loan products

26:42 - Are nano entrepreneurs growing from one man shops to SMEs

35:00 - Right cost of liabilities while serving SMEs

38:35 - Non-bank credit cards for SME entrepreneurs

43:30 - Books and Inspirations

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