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Curiousity & Coding with a science fiction author Steven Reubenstone

Steven is the author of Nestomir - Strange Landings, where he blends in the coming age, of a teenager, with a alien warrior in his book, which also teaches you how to code with an app.

Steven Reubenstone is the founder of Collaborizm, a network that allowed more than 100k engineers, across the world, collaborate on ideas and build great companies. Today he is part of a large corporate's innovation program where he continues to work with startups and innovators.

In 2021 he turned author and penned the science fiction book Nestomir - Strange Landings, which blends fast paced fantasy with real learning. People of all ages can read the book and learn from its accompanying app. Here are the excerpts of why Steven believes this is how learning should always be, filled with a lot of curiousity:

How did this journey as an author begin?

The Nestomir did not happen in a whiff, it happened because of all my experiences from my startup Collaborizm. The journey of being an entrepreneur at twenty and raising a $1 million was a phenomenal journey. We built a great platform for four years and then we ran out of money.

Collaborizm is still with me, but, now more so as a research project. At my startup I realised that kids and young adults have a difficult time to set up a framework of learning. Think about it, I had to go through a lot of stress as founder, building a company requires one to handle stress and I had to teach myself all the frameworks of learning.

The book is about that framework. In the Nestomir the character Dendro, who is an alien warrior, takes a earthling under his wing and teaches him the framework of learning, which is through real life examples. And all this is happening on a space ship.

(Watch the whole episode to know about the book, the app, and Steven's journey amazing journey)

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