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  • Vishal Krishna

Democratizing investment in commercial real estate: the story of Shesh Rao Paplikar of BHIVE

In this interview you will discover how BHIVE's fintech platform for commercial real estate investment works and how its founder Shesh Rao is making big bets. Will these alternative investments in commercial real estate prove popular with HNIs. Only time will tell. Find out if this model work.

00:00 - Introduction.

01:30 - The early days in Mysore and learning from failures in college.

08:00 - Realizing that money is not everything

13:20 - Being inspired by newspaper coverage of small business

18:25 - The coincidence of starting up a co-working space

20:18 - Handling the meltdown in co-working a couple of years ago

22:28 - Getting HNIs to invest in a platform for commercial real estate and how does it work for people who have never invested in real estate'

29:10 - How is it different from a REIT or a strata sale?

34:30 - Investment risks exist, but the opportunity is high

36:11 - Being a startup enabler.

43:00 - Books and guide to happiness

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