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From surviving sharks to raising money on Shark Tank & building a Genz snack brand - the TagZ secret

In this episode of you will discover the life of Anish Basu Roy, the founder of TagZ. He talks about what consumers want and how consumption is changing in India. He talks about how funding from Ashneer and others changed the way his business was able to market. He also talks about the importance of building communities. This episode is brought to you by - an app that gives you byte size content to build your knowledge in commerce.

00:00 - Introduction

00:55 - The TagZ introduction

05:25 - Why choose a D2C business and why take the big plunge in 2019.

11:15 - Using experience to build distribution for popped potato chips.

15:22 - How to leverage Shark Tank in India and why it helped TagZ.

20:20 - Getting social media right and the TAM measured right.

27:55 - When does brand obsolescence happen?

29:16 - Are big FMCG companies working or investing in new age brands.

33:43 - Geographies that TagZ is currently interested in.

39:00 - Learning to stay calm in failures.

43:10 - Taking a break and getting back. Man of multiple passions.

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