• Vishal Krishna

Handcrafted in India: Daisy Tanwani's journey to create lasting memories with Pinklay

In this episode of we have with us Daisy Tanwani, the founder of Pinklay. She discusses the emergence of Indian brands and the rise of direct-to-consumer business. In this discussion Daisy talks about building a business that lasts.

00:00 - Introduction

01:43 - Why is the D2C economy growing so fast?

04:46 - Being a journalist to becoming a businesswoman

12:44 - What is Pinklay - why Daisy loves the India story?

22:32 - Marketing a brand that puts heritage at the forefront.

26:00 - Retaining customers in this era of plenty & building brand recall

31:00 - Being driven by stories is the core for a D2C brand.

44:18 - Why founders can outsource a lot of things and focus on the brand

48:33 - Blending physical retail and digital commerce.

58:20 - Raising money or not to raise money

01:04:40 - Stress busters

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