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How data can change healthcare - why Resolute AI believes in an integrated wellness stack

Srinivas Vivek is the co-founder of Resolute, an integrated digital health and wellness service offering precision wellness, continuous virtual care, and digital therapeutics over a single platform. It is offered as a subscription service to individuals, families, and corporates

The founders of Resolute AI believe in unlocking health potential for everyone by creating hyper- personalized health and wellness journeys that are intuitive, always-on, holistic, and outcome-focused.

Being data-driven, evidence-based and outcome-oriented approach to wellness and care is what Srinivas Vivek and team want to achieve.

Tell us a little about Resolute and the founding of Pytheos?

At Resolute, we are building a system of outcomes for deep health and wellness. For driving outcomes, we take a hyper-personalized and whole-person approach. Resolute drives personalization using diagnostics, data science, machine intelligence, digitized protocols, and persuasive mobile technologies with human practitioners in the loop.

Our "Whole of Me Approach" includes levers we can pull for health besides a drug prescription, diagnostics test, and doctor visit. It includes optimizing nutrition levels, improving sleep and recovery, personalized workouts, stress regulation, pre-emptive follow-ups, continuous health monitoring to unlock our full health potential.

(Enjoy the whole interview for more insights)

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