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  • Vishal Krishna

How GoldenPi built a platform for bond investments & won the support of Nithin Kamath of Zerodha

In this episode of we talk to the founders of GoldenPi, Abhijit Roy and Samar Prathihar, who have made investing in bonds easy for ordinary retail investors. A chance meeting with Nithin Kamath led them to raise money and are now on a journey to take bond investments mainstream.

00:00 - Introduction

00:55 - What is GoldenPi?

06:00 - Democratising investment in bonds.

10:42 - Championing the idea of bond investments.

12:21 - Meeting Nithin Kamath and how the business grew.

27:00 - Hiring the right talent.

39:13 - Geo-Political relations to bond yields and pricing.

42:00 - Books and inspirations.

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