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How the British Asian Trust impacted 200k school students, in conversation with Abha Thorat-Shah

In this episode of we speak with the British Asian Trust's Executive Director, Social Finance, Abha Throat-Shah about making primary school children, in under privileged communities, get relevant education and in the process they are prepared for high school. For that purpose the BAT launched the Quality Education India Development Impact Bond in 2018. The $11 million fund is the world's largest education impact bond and it ran for four years. Listen in to find out how it impacted more than 200k students.

00:00 - Introduction

02:07 - Measuring impact for development projects - the journey of the British Asian Trust.

09:35 - Can finance make impact go further with evidence and data

12:40 - How does BAT work with kids?

18:16 - Why chose the primary school segment and working with partners to deliver impact at scale. 24:03 - Are children in government schools in India two years behind, what can be done about this situation, especially with the government being progressive with the National Education Policy.

27:17 - How does the bond work, how has it produced returns for its investors?

31:11 - Keeping the costs low and yet delivering quality in education.

39:22 - Investors do get a financial return.

41:15 - Abha's personal goals.

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