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Indiassetz & the journey towards building a real estate wealth-tech platform for NRIs & HNIs

In this episode of we speak with Indiassetz founders Shivam Sinha and Seema Harsha who tell us their experience in going after the secondary market in real estate.

The founders explain their journey from a services company to building a real estate wealth tech platform, which is completely different from a traditional wealth management company, that can now scale to cover 82 million property owners, those who own more than Rs 2 crore worth of property, in India. The platform will also enable NRIs to manage their real estate in a few clicks.

00:30 - Introduction 01:00 - Shivam and Seema explain the business & market of Indiassetz.

11:10 - Building a business that can scale.

17:37 - Playing the valuation game.

20:54 - Is the market large enough for prop-tech? Who are these HNIs?

24:00 - The Indiassetz app, what can it do - can real estate go paperless.

30:30 - The business model of the company, can it move from services to subscription.

33:40 - Hiring the right team

39:50 - Handling Covid-19 and the salary cuts

40:28 - Standing together as co-founders.

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