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Influencers & creators, women in cinema, managing the reel life: story of actress Shwetha R Prasad

In this episode of I talk to Shwetha R Prasad who is a well known Kannada actress, a model and influencer. She is also an architect, and CEO/co-founder, of Sakkath Studio, a place for content creators who want to break into Kannada cinema. She talks about women in cinema, acting in the era of influencers and what the future holds for content from Karnataka.

00:00 - Introduction

01:00 - Growing up in Shimoga & life as an architect.

03:17 - Sakkath Studio, why we can make great content locally.

04:46 - Why should we root for Kannada content?

07:00 - Getting lucky with acting, how a photo on social media changed Shwetha's life changed.

14:00 - Acting versus influencing, what is the positive impact of story telling.

16:18 - Why young people have to realise acting is much more than just social media posts and why it is like a marathon.

19:00 - Acting in 700 episodes in her first soap and learning on the job

24:00 - Why is influencer marketing not great for brands, what should brands realise they have to work with creators who understand the brand.

31:19 - Family support and having a spouse who understands the industry.

32:49 - Cinema versus OTT

39:01 - What we can learn from Malayalam cinema and why movies can be used for good in India to capture different cultures.

45:57 - Why content creators need to learn about finance and especially if you are an actor starting out fresh.

48:41 - Leading a balanced life even after the money is made.

50:18 - Why the pay scale for women must change in Indian cinema.

56:17 - Goals for the next 18 months for Sakkath Studio.

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