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Kasu Assets : Transforming the future of luxury

Building homes for those who celebrate life, lessons from Goa & luxury home buyers: the story of the Kasu sisters

Dhruthi Reddy and Jyotsna Reddy have managed not just their family businesses, but, have carved out a niche for themselves in building homes for entrepreneurs and artistes. Dhruthi Reddy Kasu & Jyotsna Reddy Kasu are two siblings who have built a successful real estate business from Goa. Their business Kasu Homes has had an early run of success over the last four years and the duo is now looking to expand in Karnataka.

The sisters tell about what it takes to build super-luxury homes & more importantly they disclose what it means to run a successful business and the discipline required to scale the company. They also talk about work and life balance, especially in an industry which is just about starting to accept women leaders in setting an example of transparency and equitable growth for every stakeholder.

Here are excerpts of the interview:

It is only over the last decade that you see a lot more women who are in key leadership positions in the real estate industry, you girls always wanted to be entrepreneurs?

Dhruthi: We did come with the background in real estate because our father was in that industry too. Jyotsana studied business while I studied architecture. We were in our twenties and both of us wanted to explore what we have to do. Jyotsana understood business well and I obviously was good at design. That's when we decided to build homes.

Jyotsna & Dhruthi: Business came naturally to us. Dad was obviously the guiding factor. We always knew business would be a path for us. Dad was always thinking out of the box and he was a dreamer. Our mother was the foundation on which all of us were able to go out and explore the world.

Why did you choose Goa to build your first projects?

Jyotsna and Dhruthi: Everybody wants to be in Goa to party and many of them also want to own homes now a days. Goa is hot today for home ownership. Everyone, family and friends, converge on to Goa to celebrate and over time people want to own homes. We did our own market research and took a little help from a market research company. Five years ago it was not an evolved market, we had to visit each site.

Why? In Goa the rules are very different because title deeds of old are written in Portuguese. Goans have a very old legacy and they want to protect it. They also want protect the environment in Goa. When we started building we had take all these factors in to consideration and be inclusive. We had to hire lawyers who understood the Portugese language. In Goa the rules are well drafted when you are building houses. If the government has an issue with you they come back to us with clarity.

Was there a narrative around your homes since they are super premium, did you target successful artists, actors and entrepreneurs?

Jyotsna and Dhruthi: There was no narrative or a theme to sell our offering. We built a cool product and people who were looking for something different became home owners. We had a detailed cost plan, but, there were several overruns. We were building super-uber premium homes and we had to absolutely get it right. Our customers understand their homes today, they know what wall-finish is, what materials are being used and they also know what brands they want to be fitted in their homes. While we started the team we built was very important because it is with them that we were able to build a great product. To be honest when you startup you need to ensure every thing that is done has the right quality and then one trusts the team to execute on the same.

What type of luxury product offerings are you looking at?

Dhruthi and Jyotsna: We are looking at products like homes near the river side. We are working on single old single homes too for example we are restoring a old 150-year old home in Goa and expanding it to a five bedroom house. We have four such properties coming up soon. A lot of people want to own these homes to escape the bustle of the cities that they work in. So Goa is an escape for them, we manage their homes while they are away. We also offer rental management, but, most of them just want to own their homes.

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