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Know your body chemistry, use AI to live longer-better: the journey of Beyond

In this episode of our guest is Anuruddh Mishra, the founder of Beyond. His company is building a proactive healthcare company that is using data to make people live better. The company does not offer diet plans or fitness plans. It uses over 32 biomarkers to showcase the current state of health and helps people to work towards living better.

00:00 - Introduction

01:33 - What is Beyond, how does the platform work?

04:05 - Stress & how can data help.

05:53 - The personal experience that led to the idea.

15:12 - Why every Indian should know their HbA1c & keep it under 5.5%

19:47 - Freedom to use the Beyond platform, what it means?

25:21 - The Beyond website, - get to know Beyond

31:10 - Changing the way incumbents in healthcare work with Beyond.

36:12 - Looking beyond fitness plans

40:40 - Why build this business in India?

44:00 - Recommendations to learn all the time.

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