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  • Vishal Krishna

Making a banana walnut cake with hemp & not getting high: the journey of the Bombay Hemp Company

In this episode of you will discover Jahan Peston Jamas and Boheco's dream to make the medicinal properties of Cannabis go mainstream. You will discover the journey of building a category that is so misunderstood and making the business dream become real.

00:00 - Introduction to the Bombay Hemp Company.

01:15 - Jahan talks about the idea.

05:49 - Regulations on hemp and what is legal, the leaf & seed story

14:16 - Building a agri value chain

18:20 - What were the founders doing before Boheco

22:12 - Ratan Tata coming in to the picture and funding them

28:45 - Moving to the direction of medicine and using the science

37:18 - The growth of D2C and the building of brand Boheco

41:30 - Trials before launches and Clinical trials

46:20 - Making a banana walnut cake and not getting high

51:00 - Retail offline expansion

57:00 - The toughest part of the journey and the future.

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