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Making Indian horticulture data led with precision farming: the story of Fasal

In this episode of we cover the need for India to increase its yield in horticulture. How can one do it? Listen to how Fasal has done it with its novel technology.

The co-founder Shailendra Tiwari has spent a considerable amount of time in Indian agriculture to understand what the farmer wants and does not. Here is how Indian agriculture can change.

00:00 - Introduction

02:29 - The making of Fasal & why does horticulture need technology

04:44 - Why horticulture can be as big as Indian software?

07:30 - Solving the farmers decisions - what are those critical decisions?

14:29 - Corporates and traders working with farmers using technology - the Maruti Suzuki moment of how much does the technology give back for every rupee invested.

26:14 - The difficulty of being a founder focused in agriculture.

34:37 - Building a hardware company in India.

40:48 - Why purpose makes people happy?

44:30 - The financing of the Fasal product for farmers.

52:00 - Importance of University of Agriculture Sciences.

59:25 - Work with Indian Meteorological department for weather forecasting to make farmers progressive to use?

1:05:30 - Making Indian youth to take farming as a profession and why the government must and continue to subsidize Indian agriculture in certain cases and useful outcomes?

1:14:14 - Why blame Indian traders, when they can they be shown how they can add value in modern agriculture.

1:19:20 - The role of the government in farming reforms.

1:28:00 - Inspirations of Shailendra and quoting Charles Dickens "Tale of Two Cities".

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