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Managing ten co-founders, building a platform to fund/mentor global entrepreneurs: the FalconX story

In this interview with we talk to Murali Chirala, CEO of FalconX, the global accelerator and fund which is focused on bringing startup ideas to the USA. The platform is bullish on Indian entrepreneurs to build business in the USA. What is interesting is that some of its co-founders have built and sold businesses worth billions of dollars. Some of the big co-founders at FalconX are B V Jagadeesh and Raja Reddy. The founders who participate in FalconX's global immersion program will have access to some of these stellar names for mentorship. FalconX has also recently announced a $20 million fund. You can reach the fund on .

00:00 - Introduction.

00:58 - The common philosophy of FalconX and its stellar founders.

05:10 - The depth of the businesses built by the co-founders of FalconX is upwards of $30 billion in market-cap.

10:21 - Why the USA is filled with great Indian talent, why Indians make great founders and CEOs? 13:21 - The commitment to entrepreneurship, the purpose of FalconX.

19:45 - The success of the first global immersion program.

24:30 - How is India growing in the context of technology parity?

32:00 - Why funds should invest in India?

36:00 - The current global immersion program and how it helps startups.

43:55 - The excitement of working with startups and why FalconX has committed founding members.

46:00 - Elephants dancing and why magic happens with entrepreneurs

47:35 - Applying at FalconX and how the platform works.

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