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  • Vishal Krishna

Measuring impact through empowering women entrepreneurs, the Her&Now story with Julia Karst

In this episode of we talk with Julia Karst, the head of Project at GIZ India. The Her&Now project is a partnership with GIZ, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India. We ask the question - has women entrepreneurship in India become mainstream and what needs to be done to make these small companies scale.

00:00 - Introduction to the State of Women entrepreneurship in India

03:00 - Julia speaks about what needs to be done to foster entrepreneurship

06:00 - Going away from the male characteristics of entrepreneurship

08:35 - The Her & Now project - what does it do.

15:20 - The selection process and the support provided.

24:25 - Technology and financial support for women.

31:00 - The role of debt funding.

36:20 - How to empower women beyond the US version of entrepreneurship & the importance of community building.

41:10 - Role of government, VCs and other institutions in measuring impact with women as entrepreneurs.

50:00 - CSR funds and sustainability

55:00 - The future of economic progress with women in India, combining culture & community

57:00 - Economic progress is not just opening a big super market down the road.

01:00:15 - Books that Julia loves.

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