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Nano entrepreneurs: why Arthan Finance and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation believe in this segment

In this episode of you will discover what social impact lending means and why the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is investing in nano entrepreneurs by supporting the startup Arthan Finance, which creates loan products for this segment.

00:00 - Introduction to Arthan Finance and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

02:21 - Geeta Goel, CD of MSDF, talks about the mission of the Foundation

06:37 - Arthan Finance founder, Pravash Dash, talks about the Nano entrepreneur segment

08:20 - Defining what a nano entrepreneur is

11:20 - Challenges of these nano entrepreneurs and why they need support

15:11 - Building a platform, the nano entrepreneur's willingness to pay

23:23 - Making impact on the lives of nano entrepreneurs by using data

34:46 - The future of Arthan Finance and its plans.

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