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  • Vishal Krishna

NoBroker's journey of being a Unicorn, Akhil Gupta talks about evolving real estate technology

In this episode of we bring you NoBroker’s co-founder, Akhil Gupta, who talks about his team’s discovery of building technology with a customer centric approach.

00:33 – Thinking beyond the Unicorn status.

01:24 – The Story before becoming NoBroker.

05:20 – Building the technology on what you know.

07:06 – Freedom of engineering and building the product.

11:37 – Scaling the business versus scaling the technology.

14:18 – Building profitable business lines and planning for urban migration.

20:00 – The API economy for business partners.

21:07 – Founders role as mentors once the company scales.

23:35 – Too many startups, too much money taking away the talent

25:53 – Building the leadership quality in business

29:15 – Why startups are the need of the hour

30:30 – Motivations as an engineer

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