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Selling enterprise SaaS from a small town, the SimpleCRM story

SimpleCRM founder Indraneel Fuke used his experience in enterprise sales to build a AI-based CRM product from Nagpur

Building a software technology company from smaller towns captures the imagination of many. For Indraneel Fuke, starting out of Nagpur, and using local talent has enabled him to build a formidable CRM company, SimpleCRM, for the BFSI and retail industry. He believes digital transformation is not just going to help large organisations, but, even Indian SMBs and a data led approach will lead to building large enterprises.

Here are the excerpts of the interview with

How has the CRM industry evolved?

I began my career in enterprise software companies. Over the last decade every enterprise wants to interact and manage its customers better as customers are evolving in their need Marketing automation, sales automation and service automation are the three pillars of CRM. Marketing Automation has evolved from plain email automation to social media automation. Today there is anonymous tracking of data, there is segmentation and engagement of customers. Sales automation has evolved to making product recommendations and alerting the marketing manager. Service automation has gone from call centre CRM to omni channel service automation where customer interaction across channels are consolidated and managed in one place. The customer service reps are fully aware of customr interactions. Now all this is data and , over a couple of years, machine learning and artificial intelligence will only make CRM stronger. The insights that machine learning will generate will make customer interaction better.

Have CRMs really helped digital transformation?

Information was siloed in many different systems a decade ago. SimpleCRM can pull data from several of these systems, the is powerful because the customer service rep can find all the information of the customer in a single view. All the tickets raised, by the customer, to all the products they have applied for can be seen in a single view.

I started this because I had experiences where customer service had let me down. My hypothesis was that a good CRM can increase revenue, reduce cost and ensure better customer service. We are a customer service CRM.

If you look at the USA and UK they are already in the fourth generation of their CRM journey. Asia is not very far away too with digital transformation. SMBs need digital marketing and they need to find new customers fast and this is where sales automation helps. During COVID-19 lot of the banks used use smart onboarding technologies with video KYC, here service at gone contactless and was digital.

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