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The future of living & the evolution of rentals: YourOwnRoom's Prabhat Kumar talks CoLiving & more

In this episode you will discover why people are migrating, the kind of homes they need and how families are looking for homes on rentals. Prabhat Kumar talks about his journey to build a real estate operating platform.

00:00 - Introduction to Prabhat Kumar

04:00 - Founding of YourOwnRoom

07:03 - Starting with a focused vision

09:10 - Rental Property Management company

13:10 - The journey from CoLiving to what YourOwnRoom offers today

15:05 - What happened during Covid-19 and the impact on the platform

18:55 - The business of YourOwnRoom.

20:55 - The future of work and living.

24:52 - Making the real estate platform scale to smaller towns.

29:25 - Managing the sales pipeline.

33:00 - Guide to happiness.

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