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The making of Anirudh Damani: the founder of Artha Venture Fund who enabled billion dollar dreams

In this episode you will discover transformation of Anirudh Damani who used the learning of family business to set up a fund and enabled several dreams to become Unicorns.

00:00 - Introduction

01:29 - The Fourth Generation

07:27 - Ownership: Building great businesses, family business or startups

17:35 - Calling America, getting to run businesses as a college student.

23:25 - Why people don't like being sold

29:00 - Building an energy business and travelling constantly

34:00 - Moving on from the USA and coming to India

36:37 - Landing up in India and facing the early trouble of starting up

40:00 - What has India done right for the startup world.

46:00 - Using a data driven approach to investing.

51:00 - Exiting Oyo Rooms and building sustainable businesses in India

56:28 - Mental health and books that keep Anirudh going.

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