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  • Vishal Krishna

The Otipy story, the farm-to-fork narrative & Varun Khurana's agritech journey

In this episode of theUpStreamLife you will see what Varun Khurana, the founder of Otipy. He talks about his journey from being a techie to building a business where farmers can connect directly with entrepreneurs who can sell to their local communities. Find out why agritech is the next big business in India.

00:00 - Introduction

04:38 - Challenges of a agri-tech company, pivoting from B2B to B2C.

13:00 - Value loss & nutritional loss, which of the two is as high as 35 percent of the produce in Indian farming?

14:52 - How does the farm-to-fork chain work and how does one handle price fluctuations in India? 22:00 - Business models in farming and combining technology in a very complicated data starved environment.

27:00 - The new generation of farmers and what is happening with that community.

29:33 - Profile of Otipy's micro-entrepreneurs who buy from farmers and sell to local communities. 36:00 - Creating a global market for Indian agriculture.

40:46 - Will there be financing side to Otipy or will it stick to just the agristack?

42:40 - Varun Khurana's leadership style in this long game of agritech

46:20 - India's acceptance of agritech

49:30 - Reading biographies and being inspired.

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