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The story of green hydrogen: Verdagy's bet to decarbonise industry & scaling the technology in India

In this episode of you will learn the importance of green hydrogen how it can decarbonise large sectors of the industry with its low cost electrolysis. Verdagy's technology enables companies to embrace low cost carbon energy sources for a greener tomorrow. I talk to Marty Neese, the CEO of Verdagy, about the future of green hydrogen in India and the world. Verdagy has raised money from TDK Ventures, BHP Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Shell Ventures, Temasek and several others.

00:00 - Introduction

02:22 - Marty Neese talks about green hydrogen and Verdagy's technology.

06:18 - Industries that are embracing green hydrogen the fastest.

11:07 - The emergence of Verdagy & the making of the water electrolyser

15:56 - Why the USA has woken up to green hydrogen and why a the affordability of the resource is key to scaling up large scale adoption.

22:44 - The Indian strategy for Verdagy as a startup

27:20 - Setting up the electrolyser at Industrial scale & sharing energy to an energy network through a pipeline.

36:00 - Cost of green hydrogen and its applications

45:00 - What brought Marty Neese to the green energy movement and the Verdagy team?

53:00 - Guide to happiness and running a company

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