• Vishal Krishna

TVS Head of Innovation, Abhay Tandon, talks about why accelerators must up the impact game

In this video you will discover Abhay the startup investor, advisor and his journey of heading corporate accelerators. He unveils why global accelerators have to focus on impact rather than focusing on the optics. He talks about his fund & startup syndicate - 3to1Capital - and what it hope to achieve.

00:00 - Introduction

01:48 - Abhay's ethos to being a startup enabler.

06:18 - Who is a startup enabler, its not just about introductions.

10:20 - Abhay's thoughts on impact and why global accelerators have to do much more.

17:07 - What is the impact game for the TVS innovation head & take the Indian conglomerate's work with startups global.

23:52 - What is 3to1 capital?

33:15 - Happiness and Books

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