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Upskill, learn and adapt: why story telling is important in today’s world, the Qissa Story

Founded in 2020, Delhi-based Qissa Studios enables brands to use the power of narrative to win over

the hearts of customers. caught up with the co-founder of Qissa Studios, Lakshya

Kapoor about why brands need to work with content studios. Here are the excerpts:

Why do new age brands need to tell stories rather than focus on advertising?

In our perspective story telling remains eternal. In marketing what we are taught is that every brand needs a story, but, that does not come out very often. What we do is that we make great TVCs and DVCs for brands. Today the audience is evolved and people are much more informed about the products that they want to buy. Everyday there is a new story coming out. Today brands need to tell relevant stories and this is what we do. “Qissa” means the daily stories that happened in rural regions of Punjab, so the name came up with the question “what is the brand’s Qissa?” Our aim is to build the greatest creative laboratory with talented individuals. Qissa has the network of experts who can make great content. Qissa is a place where you find young and the old basically working together.

Storytelling and PR are interlinked but they are not the same, where should a brand start?

Every brand should look inward for ideas. There are thousands of things that brand can look at. They have to look at what their product means in terms of quality and then create a story. What we feel is that young brands need to know their audience and what the product means to them. Let me explain what looking “inward” means. I have met hundreds of brands and most of the entrepreneurs need to build their own audiences. Take for example fairness cream, there are so many companies offering that product and if you study those brands they have their own story telling of the values. Most of the entrepreneurs struggle with storytelling because their vision is not very clear. Co-founders need to spend a lot of time in knowing what they want to tell the customer. Today multi-channel story telling is becoming very important in the digital world and you can narrow down on your audience.

Is story telling expensive?

I would not say it is expensive. Brands have to know what to target, they have to start experimenting with content based on a situation. For example festivals are big in India, in Diwali we talk about gifting and why the whole creative should be around friendship and family and one has to communicate a positive outlook for Diwali. Young brands are apprehensive with experiments, they link everything back to RoI. However if the product and narrative hits a chord with the audience you can really not worry about the expenses of the content. Remember you can create world class content with the technologies uses, CGI for example is expensive and celebrities will be expensive. Brands must decide what brings credibility, most of it should be human centric rather than endorsement or advertisement led. The human touch today is still very important.

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