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Using data to scale up financial inclusion: the story of Kaleidofin & its work with small businesses

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

In this episode of you will discover how Kaleidofin has scaled up its business. Its co-founder Puneet Gupta discusses how financial inclusion can scale in this country over the next three years. Puneet also talks about the work with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

00:00 - Introduction

02:30 - Puneet talks about his early years and how Kaleidofin happened

06:35 - What is Kaleidofin - what is it solving and the various use cases

16:50 - How has the fund raise helped Kaleidofin?

20:25 - Working with SMBs and nano entrepreneurs?

27:00 - Helping institutions scale up lending using data

34:42 - Building data models for lending

40:32 - Regulations in India and the stability of the system

44:40 - Women in the nano entrepreneurs segment.

46:30 - Investors and their role in Kaleidofin.

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