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  • Vishal Krishna

Warranty on the CTO: mythology & making of Roopa Kumar's tech leadership search firm Purple Quarter

In this episode of I speak with Roopa Kumar, the founder of Purple Quarter. This company is charting the convergence between technology leaders and an organisation's vision. Roopa has built a global search firm with sharp focus on technology leadership. She has spent the last six years creating a platform that can discover the technology leader.

00:00 - Introduction

00:45 - Roopa tells us about Purple Quarter.

04:15 - Creating a warranty on the CTO.

06:30 - CTO leadership DNA - the mythology of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

11:26 - The making of Roopa Kumar, unapologetic and strong.

19:30 - Where are the women CTOs?

21:40 - The business model of Purple Quarter

29:30 - Why founders need mentors?

33:30 - Why Roopa loves a learning lunch with her CTO friends?

40:18 - The Great Resignation and COVID-19

43:18 - The future for Roopa and the company.

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