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Why everything, including digital assets, needs to be in a will & how Get Yellow preserves legacies

Updated: Mar 15

On this episode of we talk to Niranjan and Nikhil, the founders of Get Yellow. They talk about the legacy of making wills and why it's just not about grand-fathers or parents. The complexity of the Will is simplified by GetYellow with a digital process. You can download their app to add your guitars, your library collection and much more as part of your inheritance which has to be maintained. 00:00 - Introduction

01:26 - The story of Get Yellow

06:00 - Creating a digital Will in India and why India has so much unclaimed wealth lying in financial assets and much more.

13:00 - What happens when you don't write a will?

17:00 - Why Get Yellow is going after corporate employees?

25:40 - Behaviour change is important and how Get Yellow is going after the market in India.

32:30 - The West has 50 percent of the adults creating wills, but India has to do so as more families become micro-families.

38:10 - How to use Get Yellow, create a will is simple and easy?

44:20 - Why startup and build this platform?

49:05 - Managing life beyond Get Yellow.

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